Organic Oil
    • Sanmark excels in the production of certified organic oils. Our manufacturing and refining process is certified by ECOCERT to meet both USDA and European Union regulations governing the processing of organic foods. We rigorously qualify our sources for organic raw materials to ensure that our customers receive the highest quality product with each purchase.
    • Sanmark Organic Oils are available as cold pressed unrefined and cold pressed refined. Please contact us for samples or specifications.
    Organic Oil Product List

    · Organic Borage Oil

    · Organic Evening Primrose Oil

    · Organic Flaxseed Oil

    · Organic Pumpkin Oil

    · Organic Perilla Oil

    · Organic Pomegranate Oil
    · Organic Soy bean oil

    · Organic Sunflower Oil

    · Organic Safflower Oil

    · Organic Sea Buckthorn Oil


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